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Our pricing

Prices are based on bookings in the Denver metro area. If you choose to book a party outside of these general areas (typically Breckinridge, Steamboat, Vail, and Colorado Springs may be subject to an additional travel fee.) Please call (303) 228-2168 for an exact price quote. You will be very impressed and excited once you see our sexy male and female dancers in the Rockies.

1 Stripper for 1 hour - $350.00
Booking one dancer for one hour is generally suitable for a smaller group, typically one to five party guests, with a shorter duration you’ll have more time to decide whether you want to move the party in another direction, but book us for an hour, and let us rock your world! 
1 Stripper for 1.5 Hours - $400.00
Reserving one dancer for 1.5 hours is appropriate if you plan on having your party entertainment last a bit longer. We recommend this because it’s more fun to have them stay to keep the party going! Again, this is a good option for a smaller party guest amount.
1 Stripper for 2 hour - $500.00
If the party decides to keep the entertainment for the full two hours, you will guaranteed be satisfied, because we’ve been told by our dancers that more times than not, the party goers prefer to have the entertainment be involved as long as possible to keep the energy up!
2 Strippers for 1 Hour - $400.00
Booking two dancers for one hour is optimal for a slightly larger group than if you were to book one dancer, ideal for between 6-9 party guests. We guarantee top-notch service for our clients to have a wonderful experience. Let the good times roll!
2 Strippers for 1.5 hour - $550.00
Reserving two dancers for 1.5 hours will guarantee to keep the party energy up for a bit longer to keep things energetic and lively! It’s worth the slightly extra cost to have our girls/guys around to ensure everyone’s satisfied.
2 Strippers for 2 hours - $700.00
Scheduling two dancers for two hours will keep the group astounded and engaged by our professionals of seduction. This is the most common thread in which we’ve had clients book. Why not keep the party rockin’ with along with our dancers, right?
3 Strippers for 1 hour - $500.00
Reserving three dancers for one hour will serve best for even more party guests, usually 10-15 party guests, so that no body feels like they’re not getting enough sexy attention from our professional strippers. Lets get naughty!
3 Strippers for 1.5 hour - $650.00
Scheduling three dancers for 1.5 hours will assure that you get more bang for your buck, who wouldn’t want some attractive chiseled bodies sauntering around the room for a bit longer?
3 Strippers for 2 hours - $800.00
Booking three dancers for two hours is the best option if you want to make sure all of your guests get the full experience. Make their night, and book for longer! They’ll thank you later.
4 Strippers for 1 hour - $600.00
The best option we offer are booking four sexy beasts to entertain at their party. Booking these four sultry dancers for one hour  guaranteed mayhem.
4 Strippers for 1.5 hour - $800.00

Larger groups need more entertainers, and we have the girls made for you. Booking for 1.5 hours is going to be more entertaining, and no one will want to leave the party.

4 Strippers for 2 hours - $1000.00
The Platinum Package consists of four sexy dancers for two hours. The best choice and the best value for your top notch entertainment, your guests will go crazy. They will not want the party to end!

Custom Party

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We can work with you to customize a show that fits exactly what you want, and we guarantee we will provide you the best show out there. For additional pricing and options, please call us at: